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WARNING! This is a clown-friendly zone.

Dream Sequence

Dream Sequence

Personal. 2015.

On the Land

On the Land

Personal. 2015.

Tryphena and Her Children

Tryphena and Her Children

Personal. 2015.

Green Children of Woolpit

The Green Children of Woolpit

Personal. 2015.

Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Personal. 2015.

The Rush

The Rush

AKA Scholarship winner. 2014.

Paul Stuart Reimagined

Window display, wall mural, 2013.


AKA Scholarship runner-up. 2013.

Jeu de Tarot

Personal. 2013.

The Sun's on Us

Personal. 2013.

Ruby and Johnny

Personal. 2013.

The Jackson Sisters

Personal. 2013.

Worlds 2013

Personal. 2013.

The Many Faces of Iz

Personal. 2012.


Tomie dePaola Award runner-up. 2013.

On the Car

Personal. 2013.

Show and Tell

Personal. 2013.


Personal. 2013.

The Backyard

Personal. 2013.

In the Aftermath

Personal. 2013.

For all Our Sins

Personal. 2013.

Old Flame

Personal. 2013.

Sleight of Lips

Personal. 2012.

Iz's 100th

Personal. 2012.

The Irish Angel

Personal. 2012.

Sheik and Sheba

Class assignment. 2011.

Clown Alley

Personal. 2011.

Isabella Radcliffe

Personal. 2010.

The Little Moon Angel

Class assignment. 2010.

Iz from Behind

Personal. 2009.


Personal. 2008.

Dans la Lune

Personal. 2008.


Personal. 2007.


The Spectacular

The story of a winged girl and her tumultuous two years on a circus in 1920's England.

MFA Thesis

The Tragical History of the Jackson Sisters and the Extraordinary Now! An illustrated middle grade novel set in New York City 1911.

The Waves of Tory

A picture book of a mother and daughter story. For the School of Visual Arts' MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Book Project class. 2014.


Loosely based on the short story by Steven Millhauser. For the School of Visual Arts' MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Book Seminar class. 2014.

BFA Project

Concept designs inspired by my in-progress historical fantasy novel, The Spectacular. 2012.

The Circus Book

A pop-up book for Cornish College of the Arts' Children's Book Illustraton class. 2010.

Run Rabbit Run

A WWII era short story for Cornish College of the Arts' Children's Book Illustration class. 2010.


It's pronounced duh-VO-jack.

I come from the wilds of Washington, where I spent my formative years digging for gnomes on the school playground, pretending to be Cornflower Fieldmouse and running internal monologues in the voice of Anne Shirley. I spent high school immersed in Harry Potter. I like to think that all these things combined nicely into the fantastically historical girl-driven story world I inhabit as a grown up.

I'm a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts' MFA Illustration as Visual Essay program. In 2012, I graduated with honors from Seattle's Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design.

I have an unnatural obsession with circus history and am highly defensive of clowns. I also enjoy 20th century history (in particular), vernacular jazz dance and jazz music history. I sold my soul to Irish dance and will probably never get it back.

My last name is Americanized Polish. If you're a Dvojack, a Dwojacki or a Dvojacki, we are related.

I am represented by Linda Camacho at Prospect Agency.


MFA Illustration as Visual Essay, School of Visual Arts
BFA Graphic Design, cum laude, Cornish College of the Arts

Awards & Experience

2016 NJ SCBWI Juried Prize, Unpublished
2015 SVA Alumni Scholarship Award
2014 AKA Scholarship, winner
2014 SVA Department Scholarship
2013 AKA Scholarship, runner up
2013 SCBWI Tomie dePaola Award, honorable mention
2011 Kreielsheimer Foundation Scholarship
2011 Cornish Scholarship
2010 President Scholarship, Cornish College of the Arts
2009 President Scholarship, Cornish College of the Arts
2008 Nellie Cornish Scholarship

Paul Stuart
Penny Dreadful Menswear

The Thesis Show, School of Visual Arts, curated by David Sandlin
The Book Show, School of Visual Arts, curated by Marshall Arisman and Carol Titolo, 2014
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Third International Conference on Philanthropy, 2014 and 2015
Phantoms, School of Visual Arts, curated by Viktor Koen, 2014
Sugar Art and Fashion Show's Nightmare Before Chistmas, 2013
Art + Design Thesis Show, Cornish College of the Arts, 2012
AIGA Seattle display, 2011


Circus Historical Society
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators


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